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Latest Information 2016 Highland Games

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The fifty plus members of the Northern California branch of the Elliot Clan welcome you to the Annual General Meeting to be held in conjunction with Sacramento Valley Scottish Games in Woodland at the Yolo Fairgrounds on April 23 and 24.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon. For time and location, check in at the Elliot tent.

USA Gatherings for 2016 and CES USA Commissioners listed by State

TULLIE HOUSE MUSEUM, Carlisle, 1st April 2011.
Launching the new Reivers Exhibition. This new permanent gallery explores the deadly world of the Border Reivers... Speech made by Margaret Eliott at the Exhibitions openeing

COURTESY OF ELECTRIC SCOTLAND "The Great Historic Families of Scotland"
The book was originally published in 1887 by James Taylor M.A., D.D., F.S.A. It was originally published in two volumes and limited to 250 copies.   A second edition was published in 1889 in two volumes and was reprinted in 1995, two volumes in one by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.

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Clan Elliot Society, USA Page

The Elliot Clan Society is a worldwide organization, with active branches in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The primary purpose of this Society, which is headquartered in Redheugh, Scotland is to preserve the history and traditions of the Elliot Clan, and to promote a spirit of kinship among its members. In the words of Sir Arthur, "The tie is essentially a family one, transcending national boundaries and disregarding distinctions of age, sex, wealth or status. Thus our Clan Society is more than a club and more even than what is generally understood by a 'Society'. It is above all, a family association and has been formed for those of us who feel that this ancient tie is of special interest and value to our modern world."

The Elliot Clan Society's is also a source of online genealogical information. With thousands of records to access, we hope your visit will be enjoyable and that you are successful in connecting with your Elliot ancestors.

The Clan Elliot Society Genealogy Project

The objective of the Genealogy Project is to help Clan Elliot Society members in their research by electronically compiling the data of its members, worldwide. Please be informed that The Elliot Society does NOT provide "free genealogical research".

The purpose of this project

The purpose of the genealogy project is threefold... First to allow Clan Elliot members to access data that has been complied within this database and therefore allowing each individual to research their "genealogical trees". Secondly, it will allow the Elliot Clan genealogist within other countries to compare and compile data allowing for a more complete convergence of genealogy database files in the US and other countries around the World. And foremost, to be of service to all Elliot Clan Society members worldwide, thus promoting a spirit of kinship within all members of our Clan.

Qualification for Membership
(becoming an Clan Elliot Society, USA member)

Any person of Scottish ancestry bearing the name Elliot in any of its various spellings, including the spouse or descendent of such person, or any person who would like to be a friend of the Clan Elliot, is welcome to join the Clan Elliot Society, USA.

To join please fill out the USA membership form(pdf) and mail it to the address as instructed on form corresponding to the particular area you reside in. If you are visiting this site and are outside the USA, forms may be found on the "Official ECS Website" at: For US residents, please make sure that you send your completed CES USA membership forms to the Membership/treasurer. Once you join the Society you will receive periodic newsletters from the CES USA and our Parent society in Scotland. The newsletters will inform you of gathering information, Scottish festivals in your area and other announcements of importance to our Clan - Furthermore it allow you to meet other Elliots with similar interests our Scottish heritage.

The Genealogical Origin of the Elliot's

The roots of the Elliot family stem back many centuries... Many traditions claim and there is much evidence that supports the fact that the Elliot's are predominately of ancient Celtic stock. Others attest that the main branch of the family is directly linked with Kings named AEthelgeat and AElfweald; One King ruled in Northumbria on the northeastern coast of England and the other ruled East Anglia to the South. Still others insist that the Elliots are from some sources are a "Noble and Ancient tribe/Clan of Caledonii" (Caledonians) and they fought alongside Calgacus to help defended Scotland against the Rome's invading armies.

Whatever the case it is very clear that this the Elliot Clan or family is of ancient descent. Perhaps the answer to their origins lies within the convergence of the disciplines of Genealogy, Archeology, Anthropology, DNA Research and the study and various historical accounts that have been passed down for generations about the Clan.

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The origin of the Elliot Clan according to tradition is Angus, the River Elliot runs into the sea near Arbroath. In ancient times the name was spelled ELLOCH, ELLOTH or ELLOT. The migration of the Elliot Clan point to the change in the Lordship of Liddesdale in 1320-1321. Family tradition says that the Elliots, came from the north of Scotland from, "the foot of Glenshie in Angus". The Elliott's were first found in Liddesdale and Teviotdale Scotland. The Elliot's held lands in Angus and were were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 AD.

"Our earliest reference", according to the author of the book, "The Elliots, The Story of A Border Clan", is to Redheugh itself in 1376. Next, we know from a Berwickshire Pedigree, of the existence of an "Elwald of Redheugh" living in the early 1400s, a man of some consequence. "Robert Elwald of Redheugh" appears as Chief in 1476. In 1470 he built a strong tower on a cliff overlooking the ford on Hermitage Water. This was one of about one hundred such towers belonging to the Ellots which were dotted around Liddesdale, which they shared with the Armstrongs, another of the great Borders riding clans.

This lack of information can probably be traced to the destruction of the old castle at Stobs in a fire in 1712, when all the family documents, with a single exception, were burnt. One Pedigree dated c.1704, which had been kept at Minto, survived.

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The Elliot Clan Tartan
The Elliot Clan Tartan is available in both "ancient" and "modern" versions. The modern and the ancient "Elliot" tartan" are very similar, but differ slightly in color's intensity and hue. The ancient tartan is less bright a representation, as the dyes used were from plants and berries that were readily available. The "dark stripes" of the "ancient" tartan thereby appear to be a dark burgundy or brown, and the blue is a lighter shade. The modern version is made with stronger, modern chemical dyes and thus the result is a much bolder color. The dark stripes appear almost as black and the blue can be described as almost a radiant sapphire. According to legend, the Countess of Minto chose the modern Elliot Tartan's colors, as they closely matched the color of her eyes.

ECS Merchandise
Elliot Clan Merchandise

There is a whole array of Elliot Clan merchandise available including: Elliot Clan Tartans, toys, Elliot Clan crests, maps that show Elliot Clan territory, books, videos and CD's.

The Elliots, "The Story of A Border Clan"
This book traces the Eliott's from the time of Robert the Bruce to the present day. By the sixteenth century the Border Clans, (of which the Eliott's were one of), had gained the reputation of being "...the finest light cavalry in all Europe...". The book gives fascinating accounts of contributions made by the Eliott's both in Scotland and abroad. This work was compiled from original charters and contemporary records... After 40 years of research by ( Dora Flournoy Hopkins, wife)The Dowager Lady Eliott of Stobs and Sir Arthur Eliott, her son. The book was published in 1974 in a limited edition of 950 copies by Seeley Service & Co Ltd.

For more infromationabout how to purchase this book and a complete list of products currently available and prices just go to the ECS online store, which is on the "Official ESC Webpage", at

ATTENTION (posted may 2009)
The hard-cover edition of the "The Elliot Book" is no longer avaliable. A new edition/version will be published in a couple of years. (paperbacks can still be purchased at the ECS "Clan Store"). Make sure to visit page (link above)for more details.

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